LR Lawn & Ornamental pest control inc .

     We offer a variety of   services for lawn and shrubs needs.  We also aim to protect the health of your lawn and plants  against disease and insect damage . our fertilization program include granular and liquid fertilizer , post & pre-emergent  weed control and disease control to keep your lawn and shrubs looking beautiful . Every month or every other month we provide a full service to your property* INSPECT : We are looking at the color of your turf and shrubs, any weeds in the turf  ,   insect damage in turf and shrubs . And look for sings of diseases . *Treatment :  We do the fertilization of the entire lawn  also  weed and insect control . *FREE ESTIMATE  : We provide a  no  charges inspection of the property  with previos appointment . Feel free to contact us 321-222-9392

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